Fusion Records MY


The band’s name was quoted from a Greek word meaning “Story” or “History” which brings a whole different way of delivering music, with tagline “Setiap Lagu Ada Cerita” which implies the song they create has another backstory that drives it. 

The band currently have 3 members :-

  • Harrif Iman as Vocalist
  • Zul Norizan as Guitarist
  • Fahada Nordin as Keyboardist


Iman and Zul already working together since Unisel Artists United project and decides to build a band with definitive type of music influnced by Akim and The Majistret, Hyper Act, Drama Band and Linkin Park. 

Fahada was recruited by Zul as keyboardist when the founding members of the band is auditioning candidates to join the band

Istoria Profile Photo


Membunuh Jiwa (2018)
Bisik (2019)
Raikan Hari Raya (2019)