Fusion Records MY

We are providing services

Talent & Artists Recruitment

We offer artists and will be given a contract to be working with the label. Music production are free for these artists. Some fees are required for their music and singles to be released.​

Music Production

We provide song writing for those who needs lyric and music composition

We also supervise music recording for other people who have no equipment and knowledge to record their own music

  • Song Writing
  • Music Recording, Mixing and
  • Mastering

Music Publishing

We can act as your publisher, provide artists-songwriters to breakthrough their way of releasing their music to another level and multi-platform such as iTunes, Spotify and Joox, selling your music as telco-caller ringtone, allowing them to generate royalties from downloads and streams.

Equipment Rental

Providing audiophiles and professional audio equipment for special need in audio expertise such as Voce Over Recording.

Request for Free Quotation

Kindly contact us if you interested in any of our services. We can assists you in providing the best service give.